Access to Information (a2i) Programme

a2i is the world’s first Innovation Lab+ and the key driver from the Prime Minister’s Office of the government’s public service innovation agenda. Its primary goal is to ensure easy, affordable and reliable access to quality pubic services for all citizens of Bangladesh.
As innovating and scaling citizen-centric public services is the primary objective of a2i program, they wanted to redesign their website in a most user-friendly, aesthetic and resourceful repository manner.

Client Rating:
Project Timeline:3 months

Our Focus

The target users for this project was set. But client end had a wide range of people whose consent was important while designing. For example, one of the contributor from client end was visually impaired. As such, a2i has diverse range of people to deal with starting from field level worker to policy maker. So other than showing designing wizardry on the website, our focus was to redesign the website in most tactful yet simple and easily navigable manner.


a2i came to us in a huff, having shed their previous redesigned layout by another contractor, and needing a new one to come up to not only redesign quickly but also in most aesthetic manner. Our introduction to them came with an assignment comprising several clauses.

Huge diverse resources needed to be organized to make the site most resourceful in easiest navigable format. Accessibility for all regardless of disability on the website was another critical aspect to integrate. More importantly, keeping the target audience in mind; a contemporary media section was an integral part of the whole redesigning.



We knew that this project was not just a task of simple web-design and the way to success with a program as complex and dynamic as a2i is to literally function as an arm of their team. Therefore we worked being physically present in Prime Minister’s office of “People’s Republic of Bangladesh”. As a consequence of this, we were able to lend our deep experience and considerable expertise to their efforts, working side by side with the whole a2i team. Because they also had many layers of compliance and we also worked closely with their editorial team to approve the designs. In the end, it was a successful re-creation of all creative assets under the more creative direction exhibited by the landing page followed by rest of the unique and exclusive serving pages.