Fotocart is one of the successful startups in the country, continuing their operations since 2013. They started the company as an online portal for Photography related products. Later they decided to go as a full-fledged Ecommerce site.

Client Requirement

When Fotocart decided to go for an Ecommerce site they wanted a great system with that can be handy for both the ends, and also supports multi vendor functionality with some more customized functions. It had to have a great back-end and front-end experience for the users.

Client Rating:
Project Timeline:3 months


This was the biggest project we were doing at that moment, and we wanted it to be flawless. Both design and cms wise. We wanted it to be one of the best in the web. So we took a long time to design the whole thing concentrating on the design as well as user-friendliness of the site for the customers. For vendor back-end we always tried to be very informative and less click functional orientation.


Fotocart was just an idea when we first met with the corresponding persons. They were very clear about their work for most of the cases. But for the front end design part they gave us nothing to work with. It is always a bit challenging when you have to create a whole new idea before implementing it. And after a number of mockups we finally able to reach the desired result.



RESULT is presents the hard work of team Bluwebz. It was a great experience to build a custom ecommerce site as a first big project of the team. And with client review we can proudly say we have done the job they wanted us to do. Now around 100 vendors are offering products through fotoca and monthly transaction of the site is 5M+.