Hands up holidays

“Hands Up Holidays” is a British luxury travel company specializing in trips that combine sightseeing with philanthropy and hands-on volunteering. They are the combination of a fantastic custom-made luxury trip with a ‘taste’ of giving back.

Client initially contracted us for integrating an interactive map with the site. Our support eventually rested us with the redesigning of the website in most user-friendly manner keeping in mind following mandatory features :

GEO-targeting • Tailored trip making option • User-friendly resource • Mobile responsiveness

Client Rating:
Project Timeline:3 months


Client end also had a special focus on eco-luxury accommodation which actively search the globe to find those luxury hotels and lodges that genuinely care about sustainability and being sensitive to the environment, both in their design and their everyday running. Those luxury hotels are ranked and given rate by the dynamic back-end option for client searching.

“Bluwebz” discussed with the founder of the company to understand the motives of “Hands Up Holidays”, discussed the customer persona and user interactive sections for the site.

Together, “Bluwebz” and “Hands Up Holidays” developed a close working relationship that eventually brought “Family Traveller” awards and “Junior Design” awards for the company through the redesigned website.