Complete Solution For Business Operation

Every business is different and unique. And you need to do smart work than hard work to flourish in your business. Hence, every business need to change their business strategy more often depending on situation. In this era of data, there are many ways to analyze a business direction and to take proper initiatives. On this context, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is indispensable. Because

  • It saves Time yet manage sales effectively
  • Can guide to deliver Good Customer Service
  • Accounting is manageable
  • MIS reports can be generated and
  • Inventory Management is one click away

Most of the above benefits are applicable to any kind of businesses and surely outweigh the costs of an ERP system. But our market research and realization have made us focus on targeting the small and medium size businesses.  Because a small/medium business must be faster and sharper than the competition. Developing effective business strategies depending on situation is very important on this regard. An ERP system helps them to take the decisions in the right time.

“81 percent of organizations are either in the process of implementing ERP software or have completed implementation”

Types of solution we provide: Our objective behind ERP solution service is very straight forward. As our business slogan “Fusing IT and business” articulates clearly, we approach to companies in small steps. Rather than dealing with a whole ERP solution, we works with individual modules of an ERP ecosystem. We provide custom tailored software such as

  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Payroll and
  • Supply Chain

We use several open source according to requirement. Then develop the system and deliver to client end. Eventually depending on necessity, we suggests addition of new features or modules with the existing one to formulate a seamless system for a business.

  • Project Management Solution
  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Account Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • HRM

Platforms We Manage

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  • Opentaps