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The idea of a inter network started at a time when even computers didn’t existed. In the year 1940 George Stibitz used a teletype machine to send instruction to a problem set from his model at Dartmouth College to his complex number calculator in New York and received results back by the same means. The world has gone through a lot of changes from then and network throughout the world got bigger and stronger. The idea of internet established in the 80’s. Since then networking has his own way of importance in the daily life of everyone.

Bluwebz made a great promise to its valued customers to provide them with the most efficient form of network solutions available today. Starting with small companies to medium and large corporates, we are offering the highest quality service for all. We know the importance of being connected to the desired destination. And with a quality team of youth and experience we are willing to provide you the best service that you can acquire in the country.

“By 2020, 6.9B business devices will be connected”

Bluwebz not only offers networking as a service but also provide the best products available in the market. We provide Cisco, Mikrotik, Juniper, Dell, IBM and Huawei as per customer need. Please read out the list of services we offer.

  • Internal Office Network
  • Intra Network
  • Server Setup
  • Total Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Internet

Platforms We Manage

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  • Cisco
  • MikroTik
  • Dell
  • Microsoft