Security Solution

We Care About Your Safety

Being digitalized is what a business need now more than ever. So in the process you must think about the security solutions to keep you protected. You need to re-examine your long-held approaches to update your security solution. We are providing you a full hardware based solution to keep your business safe. To find out the risk and avoid them and also for keeping track of the workers, employees or guests this system will help you. Moreover you will get to know what’s happening inside your business area.

There are two types of security solution we provide – Surveillance System and Access Control. Whether it’s a small or large business, corporate offices or industries; we can provide you our solution to help you secured. May be you need a custom security solution or only security devices for your business, we can offer you wide range of imported products to fulfill your demand.

Surveillance System-

From small office to large industries the preference of surveillance system varies. One can want high definition or wide range or night vision cameras for their office. It’s necessary to choose the proper camera for the right application. So for that we can provide you a wide range of camera types according to your need. Such as-

  • PTZ
  • Bullet
  • High-Definition
  • Dome
  • Night Vision cameras etc.

“41% of the public area in London are covered with CCTV Surveillance”

Access Control –

For some companies, Authorized entry system and Payroll Management is very important. So for them, we are providing wide range of Access Control systems. This system will not only protect you but also will help you with Payroll Management. Some types of our access control systems are-

  • RFID Card
  • Finger Print\ Biometric
  • Face detection
  • Eye Detection etc.

So enhance your business security with the help of our expert security solutions.

  • Inventory of Robust and Sturdy products
  • Wide range of Brands source
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Protection to Your System
  • Large Scale Solution

Platforms We Manage

Work With Bluwebz

  • Avtech
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua Technology
  • Bose