Who we us today is all about focus, hard-work and dedication

Bluwebz History

Bluwebz, a simple dream which was actually started to make sense many years before it’s documented beginning in 2014. A tech savvy teenager, along with a boy of unrealistic dreams and a very enthusiastic and charming man. All of them were in the same university and somehow connected and ended up making their individual dreams into a combined form that is called Bluwebz.

A company inspired by the living legends like Bill Gates, Jack Ma and of course the very popular Late Steve Jobs. And the initial start was kind of similar to the persons mentioned here. Started with a garage office it has gone through a number of events that made Bluwebz stronger and better as an IT firm.

Starting with web design, quickly enough Bluwebz understood the importance of the other fields of this sector and started to explore them with making successful footprints. Since the start it has now a fully qualified team for web design, web application development, digital marketing, SME Networking solutions, Security Solutions, WP product developments and many more. In addition to that, Bluwebz is also successfully added two more important services in the list. Mobile apps and ERP development.

In the mean of team building Bluwebz consider itself very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people who literally can solve any issue that come in the way of its journey. Without a team like this, it was impossible to reach this level with this short span of time. You can know more about our team in the TEAM section.

Mission and Vision+

Like any other service oriented company we have a certain mission and some vision in the journey we are on. We are very serious of our goals which actually is the core of the company. This goals made Bluwebz what it is today, and also defines us what we will be for tomorrow. The company’s first motto is to serve its company to the highest priority. No matter what is the situation we take our clients most seriously and want to serve them to their satisfaction.

With that in mind our second goal is to develop the IT infrastructure in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Bluwebz always felt the necessity of the development in the IT sectors of the rural areas of the country. We believe if we can educate the rural people properly and attract them towards learning and using information technology to their regular life then the whole nation can have a step forward to the progress of this country. Saying that we already took some steps in an Upazzila called “Bheramara” to create an opportunity to the people who wants to join the dream of a Digital Bangladesh.

This is a very small step towards our future plan of developing the rural people in terms of IT but we certainly can say it is a successful one. We will be introducing these opportunities to the other Upazzila’s with days to come. With latest technologies and its efficient we are well aware of the fact of the Global Warming and we want contribute something good against it. We are very serious to make our office a paperless one within 2018 and within year 2021 we are planning to use only green energy in the office. And finally we want our countries next generation developers to have some great products to work in this sector and have a platform where they can actually contribute their innovations in the international market like others around the world.

With changing corporate culture in the country Bluwebz is very keen to establish a great environment to the upcoming youth in this sector as well as to provide a quality service to desired clients. And work with the entire nation and also in international platform to become the best in the market.

Our Team

Ahsanul Kabir


Towkir ul Islam

Head of Business Development

Abrar Zahin

Head of Development

Shantanu Islam

Sr. Developer

Jahur Ahmed

Sr. Developer

Manaj Mandal

Sr. SEO Analyst

Waqil Biswas

Web Designer

Tahmina Bonny

Web Designer

Abdullah Al Noman

SEO Expert

Nadim Morshed

Content Creator